CEO Robert Bloom at “Säljpodden”

Learning How to sell is a vital key to every entrepreneur, business or salesperson.

Link to the episode – Säljpodden (Swedish)

How to sell gives the tools and knowledge to start taking action towards growing the business. There are a whole bunch of sales related businesses who educate on this topic.

Of course, we need the skills of knowing how to sell, but there is another angle to explore – why the customer buys. Regium International focuses on Why They Buy – how to connect to the core values and beliefs of your customer and act in alignment with the core of their purchase making values. When customers decision making values have been identified and you communicate with a value-based language, the sale can be made with higher deal value, better hit rate and shorter sales cycle.

Adding a solid base of How To Sell together with Why They Buy is where you will sell more in less time.

Robert Bloom, a founder of Regium International, speaks about how Why They Buy gives a massive impact on your communication, in “Säljpodden”, link below (Swedish).


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