Curating young entreprenourship

Everything in sales starts with an idea. If the initial idea isn’t created we would have anything to sell.

We choose to sponsor Ung Företagsamhet (Young Entrepreneurship), that gives students the possibility to have a framework where they can get knowledge, understanding and test their wings as founders for a school year.

Because as I said in the beginning, everything starts with an idea, which is curated by entrepreneurs that can make it grow over time. Without these people putting up their blood, sweat and tears to make it happen, innovation would stop. Last week we took the stage to share a lesson in sales with these incredible young people.

Their ideas and ambition are outstanding, and we want to provide them with every bit of knowledge we could squeeze in to take it from an idea, to a customer that is making a purchase. Many ideas fail because they are bad ideas, but far more fails because of the lack of sales.

We’ve mentioned it before, it’s not about having the best product, or the cheapest price. It boils down to sales. Take Apple as an example. You pay a 2x premium for comparable hardware. They aren’t (in my opinion) the best bang for the buck, or the best quality. But myself, and millions of others, still routinely buy their product because they have become masters at branding, communication and sales.

We will continue to pass on our knowledge and skills to the next generation because they are the future (and because it gives us an enormous energy boost to see the potential of said future).

If you are based in Sweden and want to join in on helping tomorrows leaders and innovators, head to

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