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Something athletes and high performers have been working on for decades are to perfect the basics, in order to accelerate the advanced strategies.

If we don’t accept that we need to build up our knowledge in the right order, the further down the road we come, we might need to back up just a little to refresh what is the foundation of our craft.

At Regium International we are specialized in helping companies and Peak Performers become better at utilizing the strategies that we teach within Why They Buy, but as we just stated, we must never forget the basics.

The word basics might be associated with something frugal, boring or that you are simply past that stage. If you don’t feel like being associated with perfecting the basics, remember that Gordon Ramsey spent some solid time last year perfecting a basic burger. If he can spend time perfecting a burger, with all of his knowledge within his craft, you are not to be fancier than that you can perfect your basic sales knowledge.

Since we are within the field of teaching Why They Buy, and not How To Sell, we are honoured to have brought along Markus Samuelsson from 3Retail, someone who is scaling the How To Sell knowledge in their business on a day to day basis. Robert Bloom and Markus shared the stage for this two-hour session where they helped the audience to clarify why and how they can, and should, combine How To Sell with Why They Buy.

Robert Bloom (Regium International) & Markus Samuelsson 3Retail

Markus and Robert brought the audience along for a full circle of a generalistic sales cycle, showing that stage of the process from their own angle. The session was divided into:

  1. Initial/opening contact
  2. Customer qualification
  3. Presentation
  4. Closing

Saying that How To Sell + Why They Buy is a perfect match, is a bold statement, we know. But being great at sales, and then adding the edge of communicating directly to the customer values, that’s got to be pretty close to perfecting the craft.

At our future events, we will continue to bring in experts within How To Sell, to provide even better content to the audience.

From the Regium crew, we hope to see you at our next event!

PS, If you seek to read more about how we help sales individuals and small teams add Why They Buy, read about our Peak Performer offer to see how you can accelerate your sales.

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