How Kevin managed to double his sales result

Through dedicated work with the Why They Buy-method, Kevin Svensson Ridderbjelke accomplished to double his sales result in the last quarter of 2018.

It’s an amazing result, but the most important is that I’ve learned to understand other peoples values and needs. This makes it a lot easier for me to solve the client’s needs and in a much more effective way. I can now, by first getting to know the big picture, deliver the value that the customer deserves and asks for.

Kevin Svensson Ridderbjelke works as a sales manager at Freja Partner – a business-to-business law firm with a disruptive mission. With a passionate, competitive mindset, and with a background as an elite golfer, Kevin always strives to reach high goals. To always aim higher and raise the bar for what is possible is his always on top of his mindset. His dedication to his work has already resulted in breaking sales records and he is one of the top key account managers within the company Freja Partner.

The education Regium offered to Freja Partner was three lectures for a start. The employees expected yet another inspirational and motivating lecture. But instantly they understood that this was something else.

– I noticed at once that this actually was something new. I wanted to go all in and really give it a chance to see what results it might come out of it.

Kevin is right now following up the lectures with a ”Peak Performer” education, and 1-1 coaching from Robert Bloom every second week. Through Why They Buy, Kevin has gained a method and tools to reach his own goals and visions.

– It can be hard sometimes, but I know that when I need to fight really hard, that’s also then I develop as a human. And that’s exactly what I wish to receive. Robert Bloom from Regium and I have set a goal together and identified the needs in order for me to achieve those, says Kevin and continues:

– I decided at an early stage in my career to choose a couple of role models whom I trust and can challenge me in work and push me to be the best version of me. Robert has meant a lot for me in my development.

A very strong strive to win and to constantly maximize the effort drives Kevin forward. And it is always with a broader reflection and with high respect for the customer in focus.

– I adapt my communication to people’s values, from prospecting and booking meetings to verbal communication and physical meetings. I used to act based on my own personality. Now I can focus on the person I meet and set her or his values first, that is so much more respectful. This and an entrepreneurial state of mind is the key to successful results, it becomes a common value for both parties.

– Another great thing is that I am able to reach the customer so much faster when I know the values, which is timesaving for us both.

The change of working process has released a lot of time for Kevin since the method enables a more efficient way to schedule the working days. But there is still a lot to learn for Kevin.

– I will never stop learning within Why They Buy. The knowledge of learning to understand people’s differences and values is something that I always will continue to get better at. You always need to train to keep a high level.

Kevin get the question if he would like to recommend Why They Buy and Regium to other companies and salespersons, it takes a while before he answers. He smiles and says:

– Not really. He laughs and refers to the fact that with this knowledge he ahead of his competitors.

– No, I’m just kidding. I would definitely recommend this method to others. It creates understanding for other people’s needs and way to communicate that is invaluable. I’m sure that other companies will gain value from the method and quickly get the return of the investment and create more sales.

Even if we can see positive trends, the reputation of sales as a profession still fights with people’s bad attitudes towards it. Despite this Kevin has a pride and a mindset that is impressive.

– It’s bad that we have to face these bad attitudes every day, but I think it’s important to see the big picture, that we represent something positive. I would never put my name of a company that I don’t believe in. I am dedicated to Freja Partner and are proud of what we offer the customers. We bring value and that can never be wrong.

Kevin’s three tips to reach better sales result:

  • Write down your goals, short term and long term.
  • Chose great role models and stick to them.
  • Learn to identify people’s values and customize your communication based on them.

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