Regium supports future entrepreneurs

Since the start in 1980, “Ung Företagsamhet” (UF) has helped over 350,000 students start their own UF-company. For Regium, it feels very inspiring to contribute to the organisation and all the entrepreneurial youths in our country.

For more than 30 years, UF has supported young entrepreneurs in high school with training to develop their creativity and entrepreneurship. This is done through, among other things, educational programs, teaching materials and supervision from experienced contractors and support from teachers and school leaders. Strategically selected partners also mean a lot to the non-profit organization UF.
– Through Regium we want to give the students the best possible conditions so they are able to reach out with their goods or services to the masses. We want them to get started with the sales process in the best possible way. It is extremely valuable to have access to such professionals as Robert and Markus, says Isabelle Svahn, project manager at UF in the Gothenburg region.

For us at Regium International, it is an honour to be involved and contribute.
– It is fantastic to give young people the opportunity to invest in their dreams. We care about, and really want to support young entrepreneurial souls – they are Sweden’s future, says Robert Bloom and continues:
– I was 18 when I started my first business and since then I have run a number of companies. UF is a fantastic forum for Sweden’s future entrepreneurs and I am really passionate about helping young people reach their full potential and experience the great things about being self-employed.

Robert tells that he meets many young talents, with fantastic business ideas, but there are areas where they may need a little more coaching along the way. Where they often encounter greater resistance.
– We know how difficult it can be to get into sales, but it is also very crucial in order to succeed with the business. Therefore, we want to contribute with all the knowledge we possess.

Regium offers all UF companies free access to the digital platform, including training tools and training videos. All with a focus on helping users improve their communication and getting better at sales.

Robert Bloom and his lecture partner, Markus Samuelsson, once a year offer UF an appreciated lecture in sales and inspiration. In addition to that Regium also offer two hours of free coaching for one winning UF-team.

Isabelle Svahn is very pleased with the Regium collaboration.
– – It’s really a perfect match. Robert and Markus have already run two sales lectures for the UF students in Gothenburg, and it has been a success both times. We really see this as an added value for our students and this year we want to switch up even further. The goal is that 1000 students will be given the opportunity to take part in Regium’s offer during the year, says Isabelle Svahn.

By choosing partners with different types of expertise, the students are given the best possible conditions for succeeding with their own entrepreneurship. Within UF, but also in their future professional life.
– It feels incredibly inspiring to support young entrepreneurs and through UF we have seen a lot of really exciting, innovative business ideas. We met a group that developed a solution to make bar and club visit safer, Drug Defender. They produce an elastic lid that is placed on top of the drink to minimize the risk of someone putting drugs in the glass, says Robert Bloom.

Studies show that people who have attended a UF education to a greater extent become CEO’s, and they also receive a higher average salary during their career.
People who started their business career through UF and reached brilliant careers later, are among others the founders of Daniel Wellington, Locker Room Talk, Rapunzel of Sweden and Yollibox.

Want to know more about UF or how you can support them? Look at their website:

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